Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Research Center

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Research Center is a health institution providing medical care using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory and techniques. We provide service of acupuncture, cupping, Chinese TuiNa massage and Chinese herbal medicines. 

Our goal is to provide you the best treatment available to achieve your well-being in a healthy and professional manner. TCM theory sees the human body as a whole, so the symptoms are interrelated to the entire body instead of isolation.

We are using the TCM diagnosis system to find out the core of the condition, known as the pattern. Instead of treating the sole symptom of the patient, we are treating the whole body to achieve the balance. Most of patients experience both the relieve of symptoms and the improvement of general health.

Each individual is different. No single treatment is good for all patients even with the same condition. Depending on patient’s response for the treatment, we always want to find the most efficient and effective way to achieve patient’s satisfaction. We would always like to listen to patient’s opinion and feedback about the treatment. Making a medical treatment comfortable and enjoyable is one of our priority.