Natural Herbs

Chinese Herbology is the oldest treatment theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine by using natural plant or parts of a plant to heal. The oldest documentation record was found in MaWangDui tomb, which was sealed in 168BC. But many believe that herbs had been used commonly around 2800BC. Herbs are commonly taken in three forms which are decoction, pills or granule. Since herbs are natural plants (some of them are food we eat daily), it is very gentle compares to modern chemical medications, and it is very unlikely to cause discomfort of stomach or other side effects.

Herb formulas are prescribed based on the pattern of the condition which is the core of the problem. So, sometimes, we use the same formula even the symptoms are different. For example, treating tinnitus and soreness of the knees can be the same formula if the patterns are the same. It is also true the other way around, we use different formulas to treat the same symptom if the patterns are different. Since we treat each patient as a unique individual, it is always the best and suitable plan for everyone.