Chinese Massage

Massage is a manual body work using pressure to promote relaxation and well being. Massage therapists often use fingers, hands, elbows or other body parts depending on which area they are working on and how much pressure they need to provide. There are many types of massage. Similar to cupping therapy, Chinese TuiNa massage is the one performed based on TCM theory to promote the flow of Qi and blood. Tui and Na literally translate into Push and Pull, which are two main massage techniques using in Chinese TuiNa massage. Other techniques are An (pressure on a area), Mo (scrape), Rou (rub), Nie (pinch), Dian (pressure on a point) and Pai (pat).

Because TuiNa is based on TCM theory, the therapist may not only focus on the muscle where the discomfort is, he or she may also work on some distal points like an acupuncturist does. For example, usually a TuiNa therapist works on the back of a patient’s knees when the reason of visit is lower back pain. Like other types of massages, TuiNa is also providing the relaxation of the patient, but achieving the balance of body’s Yin and Yang is what makes TuiNa special.