Cupping Technique

Cupping is a technique of creating a suction on the skin to improve blood flow in certain area to relieve pain or to achieve other well being. It works similar as a Chinese Tuina massage. Cupping becomes very trendy after the Olympic in 2016 since many athletes having cupping marks on there bodies. Common cup materials using in the US are glass or plastic.

According to the TCM theory, pain is usually caused by blockage or obstruction of the channel or vessel. As cupping therapy applies, the Qi or blood flow the area will be improved and unblocked, so that the pain is relieved. According to the modern study, cupping can fasten and improve one area’s blood circulation and metabolism. 

Since cupping became very popular after the Olympic, many people purchased the cupping set and started treating themselves without any professional instructions. However, the largest side effect of cupping is the presence of the circular bruises on the skin. While the bruises may be uncomfortable at times and linger for a few days, cupping is harmless when done properly by a licensed and skilled professional.

In addition to bruising and redness, cupping can cause mild discomfort, and in rare cases, burns and infection. Therefore, we strongly recommend having cupping treatments performed by a well trained licensed professional provider.